Ice Cream Bonanza | Counting 2D Shapes Game

Waffle's Ice Cream Bonanza - Get ready for an ice cream bonanza! Waffles needs your help to count the 2d shapes! 2D shapes are flat shapes like a picture or a drawing. Some examples of 2D shapes that you might see in the world around you include circles, like a clock face or a wheel, squares, like a window or a tile on the floor, triangles, like a slice of pizza or a road sign, and rectangles, like a door or a book cover. To win this you need to help Waffle keep the ice cream off the floor! The machine is broken and moving fast! Click the correct to get as much ice cream as you can!

Common Core Standards

Count to answer “how many?” questions about as many as 20 things arranged in a line, a rectangular array, or a circle, or as many as 10 things in a scattered configuration; given a number from 1-20, count out that many objects.

Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size.