Fast Food | Divide by 6 Game

Fast Food - Welcome to the most delicious race ever! Fast Food is a hilarious and engaging game that helps children master dividing by 6. Mastering division facts is important for more advanced math and real-life problem-solving. As they race through the esophagus, children select the correct answer from ice cream obstacles. Each correct answer gives the food character a boost, providing instant positive reinforcement for the learning. By engaging with division in this dynamic setting, kids strengthen their mathematical understanding while having a blast. It's a win-win situation! Get ready, get set, and divide by 6 to be the first one digested!

Common Core Standards

Fluently multiply and divide within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division (e.g., knowing that 8 × 5 = 40, one knows 40 ÷ 5 = 8) or properties of operations. By the end of Grade 3, know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.