Boofus Quiz-O-Rama | Identifying Numbers 0 to 10 Game

Boofus Quiz-O-Rama -Our friendly purple dog Boofus is back in the classroom and ready to learn how to identify numbers from 0 to 10. This essential number recognition skill forms the foundation for all future math learning. In this engaging game, children will work alongside Boofus to recognize the different numbers. Each correct answer will help Boofus ace his quiz, while reinforcing the child's understanding and recognition of the numbers 0 through 10. Playful and interactive, this game creates a fun learning environment where kids can explore and engage with numbers. Perfect for kindergarteners, Mindly's number games align with key math learning standards. So, come along, help Boofus with his quiz, and have a blast mastering the numbers 0 to 10!

Common Core Standards


Write numbers from 0 to 20.