Ice Cream Bonanza | Identifying Numbers 0 to 10 Game

Ice Cream Bonanza- A fun and engaging game that aims to help kids get better at identifying numbers 0 to 10. The ice cream machine has gone haywire and it's up to Waffle to save the ice creams from hitting the floor. But here's the catch - Waffle can only catch the ice creams labeled with the correct numbers. As ice creams fly out of the machine, children need to identify the ones with numbers 0 to 10. The quicker they can recognize and click on the correct ice creams, the more they can help Waffle. Number games not only offers plenty of fun but also helps kids reinforce their number identification skills. It aligns with the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten, making it an excellent resource for parents and teachers who wish to supplement classroom learning with interactive and educational online games.

Common Core Standards


Write numbers from 0 to 20.