Ice Cream Bonanza | Identifying Numbers 1 to 20 Game

Ice Cream Bonanza- The machine is going haywire, and it's spewing out ice creams numbered from 1 to 20. We need your help to save the ice creams by identifying and selecting the ones labeled with the correct numbers. This game helps kids expand their understanding of numbers, moving beyond the basics to recognize numbers up to 20. While you're aiding Waffle in his ice cream adventure, you're also reinforcing your math skills in a fun, lively environment. Like all Mindly games, Waffle's Ice Cream Bonanza aligns with Common Core Standards for Kindergarten, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience. By catching the correct ice creams, children will refine their number recognition skills, paving the way for success in more complex math concepts.

Common Core Standards


Write numbers from 0 to 20.