Fast Food | Identifying Numbers 11 to 20 Game

Fast Food - Satisfy your craving for fun with the Fast Food game! This hilarious, high-speed number game features your favorite foods - a hamburger, french fries, soda, and hot dog. They're all racing through the esophagus to see who gets to the stomach first! The trick to winning these number games? Identifying numbers 11 to 20 correctly! The numbers are placed on tasty ice cream obstacles that appear along the way. The right answer lets your chosen food speed through the esophagus. This game is a perfect blend of fun and learning, helping kids familiarize themselves with numbers 11 to 20 in an enjoyable setting. Your child will giggle their way to number recognition, making the learning process a piece of cake... or should we say, a piece of hamburger? Hop on this culinary ride and let's turn math into a feast!

Common Core Standards


Write numbers from 0 to 20.