Numberman's Pizza Party | Identifying Numbers 11 to 20 Game

Numberman's Pizza Party - We are taking the excitement up a notch with numbers 11 to 20. Numberman is hosting a pizza party, and he needs your help to identify the pizzas with the right numbers. The pizzas are zooming down a conveyor belt, and each has a number on it. Your task is to quickly spot and select the pizzas labeled with numbers 11 to 20. These interactive, fast-paced number games help children strengthen their understanding of numbers beyond 10, aiding in their recognition and comprehension of larger numbers. While helping Numberman fuel up on pizza power, children will develop their math skills and confidence in a fun, playful environment. Numberman's Pizza Party aligns with Common Core Standards for Kindergarten, making it a great resource for parents and teachers seeking effective, educational, and fun math practice for their kids.

Common Core Standards


Write numbers from 0 to 20.