Numberman's Pizza Party | Identifying Numbers 21 to 30 Game

Numberman's Pizza Party - Ready for more math fun with Numberman's Pizza Party? This time, the pizzas coming down the conveyor belt are numbered from 21 to 30, and we need your help to guide Numberman. This engaging game is designed to reinforce number recognition skills in the range of 21 to 30, providing children with a delightful way to learn and play. As you help Numberman choose the correctly numbered pizzas, you're not only feeding our hungry hero but also boosting your math skills! By recognizing and selecting the correct numbers, children gain confidence and solidify their understanding of numbers beyond 20. Join us in this number identification adventure and help Numberman save the day!

Common Core Standards


Count to 120, starting at any number less than 120. In this range, read and write numerals and represent a number of objects with a written numeral.